9 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

9 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

Have you ever walked into a friend’s kitchen and felt envious of how functional or lavish their kitchen looked? Well, whether you’re getting a new kitchen, or just feel like it’s time to spice up the old one, there’s always more things you can buy to maximise your kitchen space and make the place look inviting. If you’re unsure of where to start, look no further. Here are 9 things we think every kitchen should have.

  1. Tongs

Something that tends to slip under the radar for most people, tongs are an incredibly useful and valuable tool that should be in any budding chef or kitchen owners’ arsenal. From barbecuing some sweet meets on a hot summers day to helping to get your perfectly cooked toastie onto the plate. There’s no end to the benefits of a good sturdy pair of tongs. Perfect for flipping and dipping.

  1. Whisk

Another seemingly minor tool that could save you a lot of time and aggro in the kitchen. Have you ever stood with a fork trying desperately to create a smooth and level mixture but for some reason it just isn’t happening? Well, that’s where a whisk comes in. Half the time with half the effort, a good whisk makes stirring, mixing, and combining an absolute breeze.

  1. Toastie/Panini Maker

First things first, a must have for anybody that loves a quick but delicious lunch. Get yourself a toastie maker or a panini press. You’ll never go back to a plain old sandwich after you make the switch to a toastie or a panini. If you’re unsure where to get a toastie maker or anything else on this list, you can find it and tonnes of other gear for the home at homegearx and you’ll be impressing your dinner guests in no time at all. You can make all kinds of sweet and savoury toasted sandwiches that will have you and your guests feeling full and satisfied in no time.

  1. Mug Holder

If you’re like me and have a mug collection so large you could run your own coffee shop, you may be running out of space. Or maybe you already have but you just found an adorable mug with the cutest puppy on the front of it. Well, fear not my dear mug collectors for there is a solution. If you have extra space below your shelves, then you should invest in a mug holder that hangs beneath your shelves. Make the most of your space and impress your guests.

  1. Spice Rack

There’s nothing worse than needing a particular spice but having to knock over every other thing in the cupboard just to get it out. Well, that’s why you should get yourself a wall-mounted spice rack or even a rotating spice rack depending on your available space. Reach any spice you need with ease and you’ll be able to go longer without having to clean the paprika off the bottom of your cupboards.

  1. Plants

Whilst arguably less of a functional addition to the kitchen, the aesthetic value that comes with the acquiring of plants in your kitchen is unmatched. Wow, your guests with your green thumb and your kitchen. Feel like you’re travelling through the jungle to get your ingredients and breath in the clear air provided by the plant life.

  1. A Wok

Nothing beats a perfectly cooked stir fry. The best chance at making the perfect stir fry is by using the right equipment. Invest in a wok and marvel at the amazing dishes you’ll soon be able to create. You’ll be able to cook at a higher heat for faster and even more delicious meals that will always impress your loved ones.

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