The 5 Best Food Blogs You Need to Follow

If you are someone that has a love for cooking, but very little inspiration for what to cook, then you may have found yourself in a rut. This is something that easily happens, especially with the busy schedules we all have, we don’t necessarily have the time to check out a cookbook or look into a new cuisine. Something that we all have accesses to is the internet and for that reason, we recommend that you explore the magical world of food blogs, which have all of the best recipes and reviews of local restaurants. Here are the five best food blogs you need to follow.  


Bon Appetit  

The bon appetit blog was created due to a popular Youtube series that saw Clare Withhold attempting to recreate the recipes for all of her favorite dishes. On this blog, you can expect to find all of your favorite snacks made into gourmet recipes that are easy to follow at home. 

 Keith’s Cousine  

Another product of a popular Youtube channel, Keith’s cuisine is a mixture of fast food reviews and sauce recipes. Sauce recipes are something that many chefs don’t care to divulge into, but they make all of the difference in a tasty dish. This is why Keith’s cuisine has gained such popularity and continues to grow. 

 Wind Up Space 

 If you love trustworthy reviews and delicious recipes, then you are bound to love the Wind Up Space blog. This blog delivers a number of reviews for local restaurants and they love to talk about their favorite pizza joints. Their blog is also extremely enjoyable to read, so be sure to check it out.  

 Good Food 

Good Food was once a very popular magazine, but as the world has changed they have taken their vast knowledge of delicious cuisine to the internet. This blog gives you all of the inside knowledge on the best up-and-coming restaurants, as well as the tastiest recipes that you just have to try.  The blogs on Good Food are also written by professional chefs, which means you can really trust their opinions.  

 Minimalist baker  

If you are someone that loves baking but struggles to find inspiration past the standard cookies and cakes that we all know and love, you are bound to love the Minimalist baker. This blog teaches you how to make tasty treats with very few ingredients, which is great for those of you on a budget. 

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