The Basic Guide to Running a Local Coffee Shop

Whether you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or you are just looking to switch up your career path, coffee shops are becoming the way forward for many people. A perfect place to catch up with some friends or even work on your best-selling novel, coffee shops have been a central hub of social interaction and creativity for decades. So, if you are wanting to try your hand at running your own coffee shop, here are some useful tips that can help you get started.  



The first thing you need to consider when opening up your own coffee shop is finding a prime location that will be both accessible and preferably won’t have as much competition from other high-street coffee shops. If this is your first small business then your best bet would probably be finding somewhere that works well within your budget, don’t waste all your money on the perfect, grandest space as the bigger the shop, the more money you’ll need to spend on furnishing it. Pick somewhere that isn’t too difficult to get to and isn’t too hard to find. 




Probably an obvious thing to consider for running a coffee shop, but you need to be sure you know how to make a good cup of coffee. The best coffee shops tend to be adaptable as everybody’s coffee order tends to be different. The best way to prepare would be to get various pieces of equipment like the burr coffee grinder to allow you to start practicing and give you the best shot at perfecting orders before people even come in in the morning. It may also be worth looking into different milk and sugar alternatives and also various flavored syrups – you don’t want to unconsciously exclude any of your potential consumer bases. Beyond coffee, it may be worth investing in a small tea range and offer up a decent quality of hot chocolate for those people that haven’t warmed up to coffee yet.  



The next thing you should consider is the aesthetic of your coffee shop. Some of the more popular coffee shops have a certain type of aesthetic that may actually help people remember them if they wind up forgetting the name. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, or traditional feel, there are countless ways for you to make your coffee shop a reflection of your preferred aesthetic. The great thing about aesthetics is that you don’t need to end up breaking the bank to achieve your aesthetic goals. Just keep an eye out any time you go to charity shops or other discounted shops and you might even find the perfect decoration that will help to tie your coffee shop together. Make sure to think about your lighting, you don’t want your coffee shop to be too bright or too dark, pay attention to your aesthetic and consider your personality. 



 Building on the aesthetic of your coffee shop, you should try your best to give your coffee shop a notable personality. Whether it’s through the chosen aesthetic or the overall feel of the coffee shop, people will be far more likely to return to a coffee shop if they feel that the personality resonates with them. As long as you consider yourself to be a relatively personable person (or even if you aren’t and you hire someone that is), you’ll be able to build relationships with various customers and inspire them to return often, creating a steady and sustainable flow of business. Why not have a supply of books your customers can read whilst drink their coffee or if you’re nerdier, why not have some comic books? 

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